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Victoria Toastmasters Club was established in 1958 and is the second oldest club in Hong Kong.


We are known for three key aspects in the toastmasters community: Diversity, Professionalism, Warmth. Every year we have added the aspect of being innovative and being refreshing one's sense to tap further in each member's potential speaking skills and capabilities along with leadership skills. Located in the heart of Hong Kong Island, we are a club that has all walks of life within a package, a club that hopes to revive your soul on your potential talent as a speaker and as a future leader and one that really provides an open platform to improve always, this is what 60 years of history in Victoria Toastmasters that can bring to the community and to you, my fellow visitor.


Members have hailed from all over the world, from Australia to Russia to UK to Scotland to Germany and to Curaçao! The Club has also been home to many champion speakers, and since inception our members have won more speaking contests than any other in Hong Kong.

Our club is Club #2787, in District 89, Division G, Area 2.

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