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How it works?


A meeting full of speaking opportunities, fun exploration of yourself and learning from listening and interaction with members.  It's a practicing platform for you to overcome your fears and learn about leadership in a small and safe environment.

Speaking is part of a career - but it doesn't stop there !! Speaking well is a lifelong commitment; speaking effectively takes practice and leaving an impression requires positive evaluation !! 


Our meetings follow an organized agenda with specific timing for each item. Our meetings typically follow this format:

  1. President's address

  2. Introduction by the Toastmaster of the Evening (MC)

  3. Role descriptions (We need facilitators to make the meeting work)

  4. Table topics (This is where the guest can participate as well)

  5. 3-4 prepared speeches (Guest can comment on their performance through a e-form)

  6. Guest introductions (This is where we get to know you :D )

  7. Short break (Network: Talk with any one of us)

  8. Evaluations

  9. Awards and announcements (Guest can vote on the people that should win in each sections)

  10. Meeting close

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