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Member ID/EmailPlease use email that you have used for your member application

PasswordAn email should have been sent to you.  If you don't have it, just forget password, and they will send u a link to update your password

Please click on Pathways and start page

Pathways .png

As a member, you get a Path along with your registration.  Any extra path you wish to take, there will be an additional USD 20.  Please contact for more details.

Please continue to Path Selection.  If you want to know more about all 11 different paths, please click here.  Also, you can take the assessment provided by Toastmasters to help you figure out what will suit you.

After you have chosen your Path

The Base Camp is your everything.  Under My Education Transcript, you will be able to access your projects and start your speeches.

For more tutorial on pathways, please click here.

There's more !!

Now that you have set up your way for prepared speeches, please note that as Toastmasters we have many hats.  A meeting cannot happen without the effort of every member.  Please visit here for different meeting roles.  

As a new member, we encourage you to take up 3 different roles first before you go into your first speech.  These are the facilitator roles as timer, ah counter, language evaluator.  

Remember, every role gets a chance to speak in a meeting.  Whether it is a 5-7 minute speech or a 1-2 minute role introduction, speaking well makes a difference !!!!!!


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