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There are two different membership fees involved:

1.  Joining Fee - This is a one time charge of $250 that includes:

           * Registration with Toastmasters Internationl

           * Subscription to Toastmasters Magazine

           * One Pathway

2.  Membership Fee - This is an annual fee of $1,880, pro-rated for the year.

Annual Fee pro rata rate:

Joining month

July                            HKD 2,348

August                       HKD 2,192

September                  HKD 2,036

October                     HKD 1,880

November                  HKD 1,724

December                   HKD 1,568

January                      HKD 1,412

February                     HKD 1,256

March                        HKD 1,100

April                          HKD 9,44

May                           HKD 7,88

June                           HKD 6,32

Payment Methods:

ATM Transfer:  HSBC: 500-115290-001 VICTORIA TOASTMASTERS CLUB and keep the receipt / a photo of the online transaction 

Cheque:  Payable to Victoria Toastmasters Club to either President/Treasurer

Cash:  Pay to President/Treasurer

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